Multi Room Audio/Video Matrix Control

Every room feels like center stage with our multi room audio and video solution. Integrated technologies with easy to use controls gives you the power to deliver quality sound and vivid images to any environments with unparalleled digital quality.

Video Matrix

A receiver with multi-zone video lets you connect your cable or satellite box, Blu-ray player, and other entertainment sources in your living room and send video out to a TV in a different room. Watch a Blu-ray in one room and cable in the other. To watch different TV shows in each room, you'll need to connect a second cable or satellite box.

  • Conference room
  • Multi zoon in corporate office
  • Home
  • Indoor-outdoor
Multi Audio

Multi zone audio system

A multi-zone control system is essentially a switch box (like the speaker switcher) that allows you to send a selected source (e.g. DVD, CD, turntable, media player, radio, mobile device, etc.) to specific room(s) in your home. These control systems can send either line-level signals to amplifier(s) located in select room(s), or they can feature built-in amplifiers that send speaker-level signals to the selected rooms(s). No matter which type, these control systems allow you to listen to different sources simultaneously in different zones.